Grow Your Own Fund

An Acorn Fund with the Foundation requires a minimum donation of £1,000 a year with a commitment to build the value of the fund in future years. This can be achieved by an individual taxpayer by giving just £65 a month and the Foundation will then claim the Gift Aid to make an annual £1,000 donation.




A donation of £25,000 can be used to create your own Named Fund.  

Benefits of setting up a Fund

  • Give to local causes of your choice
  • Real impact on the community by making grants to local groups
  • We assess all organisations ensuring your donation will go to a genuine project or organisation in need
  • Your Fund is in your chosen name or company name forever
  • Excellent tax benefits
  • Press coverage
  • Publicity through Community Foundation literature, events and website
  • Minimal amount of your time spent on administration
  • No need to make Charity Commission returns
  • Involvement of you and your staff in Community Foundation events
  • An independent panel of local people assesses and recommends funding of grants
  • No need for separate set of Trustees for your Fund
  • Anonymity for those who wish it

To find out more please contact the Community Foundation office on 01952 201858

Get involved!


Community Foundation Grants

Grants £250 -£5,000. Funding is still available for local projects, run by local people, in areas of disadvantage.  Application deadline: Friday, 1st March 2013



Further information in our Grants section or contact for more information and an application form.





The Midcounties Co-operative Community Fund. Up to £2,000 grants for community groups who have been members of Midcounties Co-operative for at least 3 months. The programme is now open for applications.  The closing date is 8th February 2013.


Check in Grants section for more details.

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